дравейте! We are EAIPA member АСТ – Aсоциация за свободен театър from Bulgaria!

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We are EAIPA member АСТ – Aсоциация за свободен театър / ACT – Association of Independent Performing Arts from Bulgaria! 🇧🇬

We are a non-profit collective working on the development of better and sustainable working conditions for the independent scene in Bulgaria, as well as the organizers of one of Bulgaria’s major theatre festivals – the ACT Independent Theatre Festival.

This is our chairman Stefan Prohorov who is representing us in EAIPA.

We want to help establish a fair, transparent and incentive environment for our whole sector through social campaigns, lobbying, education, networking activities and much more.

We’ve been able to help connect the Bulgarian scene both on the inside and with the outside world by various campaigns in schools and universities, hosting IETM events, realizing successful projects with partners from all over Europe and inspiring change and insight. Our festival is about to have it’s 12th edition and judging from the program, it’s going to offer exceptional content.

Currently we did support with many activities and now collaborate with the new Regional Cultural Centre – Toplocentrala in Sofia, we maintain and develop more sustainable mobility and networking programs both inside the country and abroad.

Заедносмесилни/ We are #strongertogether!

Find out more about independent performing arts in Bulgaria in the 2nd edition of our brochure Introduction to the Independent Performing Arts in Europe (2021).

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