Theatre of Truth

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This article wants to shed light on the authoritarian rule of Lukashenko in his own country and the struggle of the defiant independent theatre professionals in Belarus. For this reason, the author also has to remain anonymous for their own safety and that of their family.

Author: anonymous
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Support ProEnglishTheatre in Kyiv!

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Last Friday, we had an incredibly touching zoom meeting with the Alex Borovenskiy and Tetiana Shlepko from the ProEnghlish Theatre in Kyiv. With their venue being located in a cellar, they decided that this is currently the safest place to be – and their theatre was turned into an art shelter.

Open Letter to Slovenia’s Minister of Culture on Funding Cuts

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OPEN LETTER: EAIPA wishes to express its concern regarding the current situation of the contemporary art scene in Slovenia. It has come to our attention that several important contemporary art structures in Slovenia have suffered a sudden and substantial cut in their funding.

Inside views to the Independent Performing Arts in Europe

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January 27th / 14 – 15.30 h CET via zoom or live stream
The European Association of Independent Performing Arts (EAIPA) invites colleagues, employees of the performing arts, representatives from politics, science and administration to a digital presentation of the brochure „An Introduction to the Independent Performing Arts in Europe – Thirteen Performing Arts Structures at a Glance“ – followed by a moderated Q&A about central topics and questions.

Italian IPA

The Italian Independent Scene – A Systematic Chaos

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It is necessary to imagine the Italian independent performing arts scene not as an archipelago but as a closely related component that sometimes perfectly matches and sometimes clashes with the whole cultural system. The only way to represent this system is to refer to the concept of modern physics of complexity, that is, a multi-component dynamic structure made up of different subsets that interact with each other, following the rules of chaos and probability.

Author: Davide D’Antonio
© Picture: Simone Cecchetti

Beitragsbild Romania

The History of Romanian Independent Theatre

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[…] before we start describing the Romanian independent theatre movement, how can this simple definition help us understand independent theatre in general: What does a theatre need in order to be called independent? Not be affiliated with a state or an official institution? Is it a matter of financial or ideological independence? Is an independent theatre free of censorship? What is its relationship with politics? So many questions that go far beyond the simple answer the dictionary gives us.

Author: Ovidiu Mihăiţă
© Picture: Andreea Eva Herczegh