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Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, responded to the European Association of Independent Performing Arts‘ letter, in which we outlined our concerns regarding the current crisis and asked the Commissioner to share with us the measures the Commission is currently implementing to counter the effects of the pandemic.

Deep Concerns – Let’s Start a Dialogue

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In reply to the statement made by the European Parliament Committee on Culture and Education regarding the current budget proposal, which will include a dramatic cut in funding for the cultural, creative and media sector compared to the previous proposal – we would like to offer our take on the situation and a list of specific recommendations.


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The federal congress UTOPIA.NOW hosted by the Bundesverband freie darstellende Künste in Berlin at the beginning of this year was a great opportunity for EAIPA members to come together for another working meeting and to take essential organisational steps for the 2020 annual general assembly.

Photocredit: Catharina Tews

19.01.2020 General Assembly in Berlin

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The European Association of Independent Performing Arts is going to meet for General Assembly in Berlin after UTOPIA.NOW.

Photocredits: Catharina Tews

16.-19.01.2020 UTOPIA.NOW

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The European Association of Independent Performing Arts is going to take part at the federal congress of independent performing arts in Berlin at the end of January. These days are dedicated to developing the future together.