EAIPA Dossier 2018 – 2023

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Thanks to EAIPA’s broad member network of national associations and interest groups, this dossier builds on the expertise, success stories, challenges and concerns of the European independent performing arts community. In accordance with EAIPA’s mission to raise visibility for the sector and achieve sustainable and fair working conditions for all European artists, the collected texts thus highlight innovative approaches and best-practice models but also call attention to the precarious legal and social situation of artists in Europe’s different regions.
Additionally, portraits of individual national independent performing art scenes, which were first published in gift – magazine for independent theatre, dance, performance and circus, chronicle the untold histories of different artistic communities and movements that have established a vibrant and diverse European independent performing arts scene. However, these stories also make clear that artists from different European regions continue to face different challenges that make it difficult to speak of a unified European sector.

For this reason, EAIPA’s dossier is meant to be a continuous project that maps the European landscape of independent performing arts and wants to assist policymakers, funding bodies and dialogue partners in designing a better, more sustainable and fair future for all European artists.

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