Servus, we are EAIPA member IG Freie Theaterarbeit from Austria!

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We are the EAIPA member IG Freie Theaterarbeit from Austria! 🇦🇹

This association was founded in 1988 by artists to build up a network and to improve the working and funding conditions for the independent performing arts in Austria. Today, we count more than 2.000 members.

This is our managing director Ulrike Kuner who is also EAIPA’s president and one of the founding members in 2018.

Our aim is to increase awareness of the conditions of production in the IPA on a local, national and international political level and to offer one-to-one consultations for artists. Currently, our main focus is to ensure Fair-Pay and Fair-Play and therefore to raise social, financial and legal security for the people working in the sector.

For example, in Vienna, we’ve been able to establish minimum honorarium fees as a basis for sustainable funding models, which secure more financial stability for artists and art workers.

Currently, we are able to contribute actively to Austria’s first „Cultural Fairness Process“, which is a huge development on a political level and which affects funding rates, funding formats, social security, contracts, communication and much more.

Wir sind zusammen stärker! We are #strongertogether!

Find out more about independent performing arts in Austria in the 2nd edition of our brochure Introduction to the Independent Performing Arts in Europe (2021).

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