Support ProEnglishTheatre in Kyiv!

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🇺🇦 Last Friday, we had an incredibly touching zoom meeting with the Alex Borovenskiy and Tetiana Shlepko from the ProEnghlish Theatre in Kyiv. With their venue being located in a cellar, they decided that this is currently the safest place to be – and their theatre was turned into an art shelter.
As the only English-speaking Theatre and Drama School in Ukraine, they would like to work internationally and spread the word about what is currently happening with theatre art in Ukraine.
If you want to support those incredibly spirited artists, you can do that in different ways:
follow and share their stories on social media:
Youtube channel: ArtShelter diary
You can support them financially through their Patreon page:
Show your support by joining the initiative of reciting Taras Shevchenko’s poetry in your language:
Record a video of yourself or of you and your friends reciting a poem by Shevchenko in any language you like and post it online or send it to ProEnglish Theatre Kyiv!

Links to Taras Shevchenko poetries:

in English translation

in German translation

in Spanish translation

We will stay in contact with our friends of ProEnglishTheatre and hope to hear some good news from them soon!