The independent theatre scene in Poland


The situation of the independent theatre scene in Poland is far more complex than it appears to be. It is therefore worth mentioning specific numbers at the outset. According to statistics from the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute in Warsaw, there are almost 800 independent entities actively operating in Poland. This number includes companies with a legal title (foundations, associations), private theatres (operating as a business), informal collectives and freelance artists. Compared to 180 institutional theatres (dramatic, puppet and musical), the number of independent theatres seems impressive. The difference in the level of systemic support for both groups, obviously to the advantage of institutional theatres, is all the more acute, however.

Download the full article here (published in gift – zeitschrift für freie theaterarbeit, tanz und performance 04/2023)
Author: Katarzyna Knychalska
Picture: © Natalia Kabanow