The story of the ProEnglish Theatre: How the small Englishspeaking theatre in Kyiv turned into a bomb shelter

As told by its artistic director Alex Borovenskiy

The ProEnglish Theatre of Ukraine is a small independent theatre located in Kyiv. We are the only Ukrainian theatre producing performances in English. Our story started in 2014 as a studio theatre experimenting with different acting techniques not so widely known in Ukraine: Augusto Boal, Peter Brook, Sanford Meisner, Stella Adler, Jerzy Grotowski,… It took us four years to get to the level of a professional theatre and we only started inviting professional actors to star in our projects in 2018. Before the war, the ProEnglish Theatre consisted of about twenty professional actors and top graduates from our ProEnglish Drama School. The theatre was quite well received among the Ukrainian theatre community. We conducted theatre workshops for the National Union of Theatre Artists of Ukraine and took part in different theatre festivals and seminars. Being an English – speaking theatre, the ProEnglish Theatre has actively developed its international story and our performances have since been invited to theatre festivals in Egypt and Germany.

Download the full article here  (published in gift – zeitschrift für freies theater 02/2022)
Author: Alex Borovenskiy
© Picture: Daniil Prymachov