Share and Eco-Care – Let’s celebrate World Theatre Day!

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EAIPA – The European Association of Independent Performing Arts invites to an informal exchange amongst colleagues: in the spirit of “sharing and caring”, we would like to compare notes and share experiences in environmentally sustainable production and touring of independent performing art works.

We know there is a lot of information out there, but what is useful and what is within the capacity of independent performing arts professionals, who often don’t run their own spaces? What can a small theatre group do, that is already stretched thin on time and human resources? Many eco riders and handbooks have been published and many companies advertise their “eco” options, but who has the time to sift through it all and find the most practical tools? During this event, we would like to invite everyone to help lessen the load by sharing information or listening in on: how do you do “green”?

Who can join:
Anyone – whether you have information to share or are just interested in listening in. We don’t want to lecture but hear your questions and experiences. If you happen to have information – a useful handbook, a rider, a website – it would be great if you could think about ways to share it in English, so more professionals from our field can profit from your input!

Online, but not on zoom: even though we are not travelling in-person, we are still emitting CO2 with the apps we are using online! We have started revising our digital tools and, for this event, we have decided to test a different tool called “Fairkom”. We are prepared to face some hiccups, but we managed to learn how to do home schooling and “remote working” a couple of years ago, so we know we can also learn how to use some different video conferencing tools…

How to join:
The event will start soon, but if you are feeling spontaneous, just join us by clicking here!

We will start with some inputs from colleagues to get the ball rolling, but we would prefer not to pre-determine too much and see where the conversation will take us!
Moderation: Christian Keller

The lower the funding, the more pressure is put on the individual: professionals in our field often need to combine several roles in one person, simultaneously taking on the responsibilities of a production manager, accountant, public relations officer, technician or costume and set designer besides their artistic work as director/choreographer and performer. So, when it comes to adding environmental practices on top of this list, professionals in the independent performing arts field often don’t even know where to start and don’t have the time to invest hours into research. But even with the rising costs of living and the economic aftermath of the covid pandemic, we cannot simply “put off” climate change until we have caught our breath. Besides our moral obligation as humans on this earth to take better care of our planet, independent performing arts professionals also need to build capacities for very pragmatic reasons – since “environmental practices” find their way into more and more funding requirements for the performing arts field, professionals need to develop new skill sets that supply them with solutions to the following questions: How to create a “green budget”, what indicators need to be considered and what tools are helpful and cost-effective in achieving a more sustainable way of working, touring and producing?