Sziasztok! We are EAIPA member Független Előadó-művészeti Szövetség (or FESZ) from Hungary! 

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We are EAIPA member Független Előadó-művészeti Szövetség (or FESZ) from Hungary  🇭🇺
The association was founded in 1994 with the aim to represent, and to raise visibility for, independent performing arts institutions and structures (theatres, venues, umbrella organizations), as well as professional performing arts companies and individual artists. In its daily activities FESZ is engaged in collecting and disseminating information, organising workshops, and sharing best practices among its members. FESZ advocates innovative performing arts objectives and projects, provides legal advice to its membership, and endeavours (and sometimes manages) to delegate curators to boards of public and private funding bodies.
In times of need (i.e. Covid) FESZ has successfully undertook to organise multiple fundraising campaigns and granted social assistance to players of the sector beyond its membership.
Currently, the association has 128 members, including 53 individuals.
On the photo, meet Zoltán Imely, outgoing co-president of FESZ, one of the founding members of EAIPA in 2018.
For the past 12 years (what a timespan!) FESZ has struggled to re-establish professional relations, and to reinitiate a constructive dialogue, with decision makers of the cultural government with varying degrees of success. The stress here is more on ‚varying‘ than on ’success‘. Accordingly, to conclude the introduction and to briefly paraphrase our everyday life in this part of the world, here is a citation for all to enjoy:
„A fine day. Let’s go fishing, said the angler to the worm.“
(Brecht: The Caucasian Circle of Chalk)
Együtt erősebbek vagyunk! / We are #strongertogether!
Photo © Mikó Csaba

Find out more about independent performing arts in Hungary in the 2nd edition of our brochure Introduction to the Independent Performing Arts in Europe (2021).

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